Advantages And Disadvantages Of Ceramics

- Oct 10, 2018 -

Advantages and disadvantages of Ceramics

Advantages and disadvantages editing Daily porcelain has long been loved and used by the general public because it has the following advantages:

 First, it is easy to wash and keep clean. The daily enamel glaze is bright and delicate, and it is easy to wash after being stained. 

Second, the thermal stability is good and the heat transfer is slow. Day dining has the property of not being able to burst when subjected to rapid thermal quenching changes of a certain temperature difference. This is superior to glassware, which is a poor conductor of heat and slow in heat transfer. It is used to hold boiling water or hot food. It is not too hot when taken. 

Third, it is chemically stable and durable. This is superior to metal products such as copper, iron, aluminum, etc. Daily porcelain has certain resistance to acid, alkali, salt and carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere, and it is not easy to chemically react with these substances, and it does not rust and age. 

Fourth, porcelain has very few pores and low water absorption. Using daily porcelain to store food, after sealing the mouth, it can prevent the evaporation, penetration and external bacteria of the food. Fifth, the paintings are rich and colorful, especially the high-temperature glaze and blue-and-white decoration and other lead-free poisoning hazards, which can be used boldly and are very popular. Of course, daily-use porcelain also has its own shortcomings. The biggest weakness is that the impact strength is low, it is not resistant to falling, and it is easy to break. It is a fragile product. In addition, in general, it is not suitable for open fire for cooking, and some are not resistant to cooking.

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