The Classification Of Porcelain

- Jun 08, 2018 -

         The Classification of porcelain

(a) Classified by porcelain species. At present, there are mainly daily-use fine porcelain, daily porcelain, daily enamelware, bone china, exquisite daily-use porcelain, underglazed (middle) color porcelain, and daily fine earthenware.

(b) According to the method of flower decoration. According to the characteristics of the flower surface can be divided into glaze color, glaze in the glaze, glaze under the color, color glaze, unbleached white porcelain and so on.

Glaze color refers to the glaze surface of ceramic products decorated with ceramic pigments and then baked at 700-850°C. Because the roasting temperature did not reach the melting temperature of the glaze layer, the decorative pattern did not sink into the glaze and only adhered to the surface of the glaze layer. The gloss of the decorative pattern and the gloss of the glazed surface were significantly different.

The glaze color decoration method is the same as the glaze color, but the baking temperature is higher than the glaze color, reaching the melting temperature of the ceramic product glaze. The ceramic pigment sinks into the glaze when the glaze melts, and is covered by the glaze after cooling. The gloss of the decorative pattern is consistent with the gloss of the glaze.

The underglaze decoration is performed on the clay slab, which is fired at a high temperature and then fired at a high temperature. This product is the same as the glaze color, the decorative pattern is covered by the glaze layer, and the gloss of the decorative pattern is consistent with the gloss of the glaze.

The color glaze porcelain is a kind of high-temperature color agent added to the ceramic glaze, so that the glazed product after firing has a certain specific color, such as yellow, blue, bean blue and so on.

White porcelain usually refers to ceramics that have not been painted in any way.

Different decoration methods bring different decorative effects, and the decorative effect of the glaze color products is colorful and colorful. The glaze and color underglaze products are generally more elegant and the colorful colors are not as good as glaze color products. Consumers can According to your preferences, choose different decorative products.



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