The Color Of Ceramic Tea Sets

- Jul 07, 2018 -

The color of ceramic tea sets

The color of ceramics is closely related to the mineral composition contained in the tire or glaze. The same mineral composition can also change its color due to its content. Pottery is usually fired with clays containing iron oxides, and the color is yellow, red brown, brown, gray, etc., because of the difference in firing temperature and oxidation degree. Adding other mineral components to the clay can also be fired to other shades, but it is less common. Porcelain has always been rich in color and variety of devices. Now it is introduced as follows:

1 green tea

Famous tea: transparent without pattern, no color, no cover glass or white porcelain, celadon, blue and white porcelain without cover cup.

Bulk tea: single appliances, available in summer and autumn without a lid, a pattern or cold-colored glass; spring and winter can be used celadon, blue and white porcelain, and other cool-colored porcelain cover cup. Multi-person equipment, suitable for celadon, blue and white porcelain, white porcelain and other cold-colored pot cups.

Tea: Celadon, blue and white porcelain, bucket color, colorful and other varieties of bowl, cover cups, pots and cups.

Pu'er Tea: Zishahu Cup.

2 Yellow Tea

Milk white porcelain, yellow glaze color porcelain, and colorful pots, lids, and lid cups with yellow and orange colors.

3 black tea

Black tea: Zisha (white glaze on the inner wall of the cup), white porcelain, red porcelain of white background, pots of various red glazed porcelain cups, lid cups, and lid bowls.

Red broken tea: Zisha (white glaze on the inner wall) and white, yellow background orange, safflower, and various warm-colored porcelain coffee makers.

4 white tea

White porcelain or yellow mud pot pot cups, or black porcelain with great contrast and colored walls, to bring out the whitish.

5 Oolong Tea

Light fermentation and re-fermentation categories: White porcelain and white porcelain pots, cups or lids, lid cups.

Semi-fermented and light, re-baking fire: Zhu Ni or gray-brown series potware cups.


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