What's The Bag That Puts The Ball Shoes

- Jan 16, 2018 -

Fitness bag

          What's the bag that puts the ball shoes

Fitness bag


Multi purpose (it can be both portable and shoulder back). When it is used vertically, it can be carried on hand, and the shoulder strap can be fixed with gluing buttons without affecting your use. The bottom of the bag has a rubber plate that can be set. The package (lower left double back) with shoe space, bag handle parts (central double back), with a transverse open zipper, zipper is a hanging bag, can put some things, the right part of the package (top double back) with a concealed zipper (can be installed within a some clothes or small moving equipment), top concealed zipper and a small zipper bag, purse, card can put some small items back, shoulder straps are thick sponge, soft and comfortable, and a breathable layer.


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