Why Are Messenger Bag Often Associated With Cycling?

- Feb 11, 2018 -

messenger bag

Why are messenger bag often associated with cycling?

The postman bag was understandable from the postman, but it was a very early thing. The postman bag is not suitable for heavy things, and it will be attached to the back to make the back very hot when riding. Although many people think of it as one of the equipment for riding, why?

I think there are two reasons, one is convenient, the other is handsome enough! The package is evolved from single shoulder bag, think of the first time the postman Messenger, carrying a shoulder bag, when riding a bike is very convenient.

Then I want to shorten this back strap, riding a bike on the back, and when you get something down, take things, now of course the messenger bag can not take off, you can get, but relative to the messenger bag backpack, a smaller contact area on the back, not so hot out with a backpack, cooling system with backpack, bag can hold some really, but I think the general back messenger bags are not put too many things, not only people who ride the bag back, see, often on the street but smaller, like a pocket on the back, riding a bicycle is relatively more, and the cyclist is not only to facilitate to ride it, or riding the electric car, so choose a handsome, very natural.

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